Hand-painted Needlepoint Canvases

Hand-painted Needlepoint Canvases are the most in vogue - fashion at this time.

The variety of sizes and designs are overwhelming. Most shops carry a designers line - and watch the customer appeal.

The canvas above is "stitch painted"  and still in the process of polymerization ( seen at the top of the image ) - which is treating the finished painting with a protective cover.

You may see a multitude of designs in specialty shops as well as on the Internet. Many designers have their own websites - usually without an option to purchase directly - as this infuriates the shops.

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A luxury item - hand painted canvases take a long time to paint. The creme-de-la-creme are dot-by-dot painted - called "stitch painting" - seen in the top images.

Of course - the prices for these canvases are extremely high - yet many do not care - as the joy of stitching these gems is indescribable.

The finished - stitch Painted Canvas is seen top above. The design measures 19 inches square. The artist left 4 inches around the design - to be able to extend the stitching - should more background be needed for a chair cover or firescreen.

This canvas also has a color code separation to the right - facilitating the choosing of fiber colors. Below we show you two different color choices - of the same canvas. They are both stitched using the basketweave and tent stitches.

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  1. I love this design. Where may I purchase this canvas ?